Method of Madness

What?son (Lead Generation)

We follow the basic rule of Economics: Demand and Supply. Thus our Lead Generation Team does thorough research on your organization's expertise and map that according to a prospective client who has the intent to buy across any geography.


DeerStalker (Appointment Setting)

We generate highly qualified appointments (Check the example where we closed a deal with Microsoft) by sending tailor-made EQ Based Messages over LinkedIn and emails to decision makers based on their social media activities and designations.


Account Based Management

OK! Your appointment is set with your prospective client! But we ensure you know directly from them what cloud architecture they are using (technology details) to business pain points which helps in reducing sales cycle by 37% and you to prepare better for the meeting with the prospective client.



Decision Makers are busy. To remain on top of their attention stack, we do follow-ups till a qualified appointment is set. Let's pull up the example of none other than CA Technologies!


Crystal Clear

All our activities are updated on the cloud (Google Drives). Thus you can access our work 24* 7 across any device and we are comfortable with any CRM (Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho etc).


At your service

A Dedicated Account Manager (or we say an Account Sniper Shooter) is available 16*5 Business hours per week to answer any of your queries, irrespective of Time Zone.

Method of Madness

The Beginning: StrataVAR, one of our existing client works upon automatic CRM integration with CISCO platform. Before we got on to the first call, we studied their current clients and thoroughly understood CISCO CCW technology. We amazed the management by providing sample lead data even before getting on the first call! Thus like Sherlock, we know a lot about your company even before we formally have a chat!

The pitch: After that, we discuss with you and create a mutually agreed crisp bullet point pitch fitting the size of 5.5 inch smartphone (The decision makers don’t have hell lot of time to read your pitch).

The Campaign: We start lead generation and send LinkedIn invitation to the prospects. Whoever accepts it, is being send a unique crisp, EQ laced customized message. Let’s give an example:

The handshaking: Prospects like Microsoft and Accenture have responded back in the very first message due to our unique pitches. Thus we set up appointments and reduce the sales cycle substantially.

The Secret Sauce: The decision makers of your target market are busy folks. Thus they might not respond back in the very first message. Hence we send periodic follow ups without being too pushy.

Again prospects might not turn up for a meeting due to their hectic schedule. We do warm calling to reschedule the meeting. These tactics have proved to be very effective in throttling your sales.

Transparency: We send daily detailed activity report to you as well as share the activities via Google Docs which can be accessed at any point of time. We are bunch of workaholics and thus can be accessed all the time over email/ phone call. Thus altering the Star War’s dialogue a tad: The force is with you!

DeerStalker (Appointment Setting)

Account based Management

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